PinUltimate Titanium

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The quick-release hitch pin
PinUltimate is different! It’s a quick-release hitch pin. It makes securing your hitch a breeze. Made of Titanium and coated with Cerakote®, PinUltimate will never rust and will always operate smoothly.

  • “Never Rust” titanium Construction
  • Exclusive ConnecTrick™ Quick-Release System
  • “Snap-To-It” Clipless Connector Cap
  • Fully-Machined, Ergonomic “Power Red” Handle
  • “Be Nimble” Cylinder Lock With Bidirectional Key
  • Treated With Cerakote®

Key ALL PinUltimate quick-release hitch pins to the same key, allowing for easy interchangeability. (only applies if you are ordering 2 or more)

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